Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shakiel met Nizaruddin Yusuf

Mohd Nizaruddin Yusof (born on November 10, 1979) is a Malaysian footballer who operates as a striker. He is a member of the Malaysian national team and also has played for the Malaysian Pre-Olympic squad. He is well known for his finishing ability.

He became an instant hit with the local fans (Selangor FA & MPPJ FC) and also the envy of other clubs in the M-League. In November 2007, he signed for Perlis FA. He do not play when Perlis FA won the Malaysia Charity Shield. He then move to PDRM FA on 2008 on season long deal. After the contract finish, he return to Perlis FA.

Nizaruddin start representing Malaysia during 1999 Dubai Tour under Abdul Rahman Ibrahim. Since then he was selected to be part of Malaysia squad making him one of the experience player for Malaysia national team. Although he did not produce many goal with the national team, he is very good with producing assist to other player for creating goals.
- credit to Wikipedia with thanks.

I was made to understand that Nizaruddin is currently playing for FELDA UNITED FC. By the way Shakiel's soccer coach, Coach Ridzuan is FELDA UNITED FC's assistant coach.
Nizaruddin and Shakiel.

Nizaruddin signing Shakiel's T-shirt.

Nizaruddin and the First Kick Team of Tmn Putra Perdana.


Something to add to my sport craze are a few autographs of local athlete back in my school days. I must thank to a good friend from Anderson School Ipoh, who himself an athlete, made an effort to get those signatures as mementos for me. We lost contact ever since I shifted to Petaling Jaya.
Istiaq Mubarak - 110m hurdler.

Jeffri Mohd Nor - Uprising sprinter.

If I had forgotten to thank you then, thank you very much. I cannot imagine what he went through in getting those signatures, especially of Rabuan Pit.
Rabuan Pit was the IT guy in Malaysian Athletics at the time. He was honored as Asia's Fastest Man after winning gold in the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi.

The Postcard.

During my school days, I was a great sports fan. I enjoyed watching all types of sport and subscribed to a malay magazine called Sukan (Sports). I looked forward the center spread and the colorful pictures of my favorite athletes of those days. I was proud of their achievements such as Rabuan Pit, Zulkifli Hamzah, Sidek Brothers, John McEnroe, Marina Chin, Imran Khan, Carl Lewis, Calvin Smith...I could go on and on and on and on and....on...

But sometime in the early 80's everyone went crazy with badminton.

The Sidek brothers, consist of Misbun, Razif and Jailani were the nation pride. They achieved local as well as international recognition. My girlfriends had their pick who were the cutest of the Sidek brothers. In my opinion, Razif was the cutest of the three. Instantly I became a fan of badminton....hehehe....well hell yeah, Razif was cute, alright!

As a fan I brave myself to send my first ever fan mail to the Sidek Brothers. It was in my step mom's office that I used her electric type writer to compose a simple and short message. I think I wrote the first mail to Misbun, to wish him all the best for the up coming Thomas Cup Tournament in England. The second fan mail was to Razif and Jailani who were then, won the All England doubles. I was not expecting any reply since they may be busy with camp and practices. But deep down in my heart I was dying for Razif to reply my fan mail.....

One day to my surprise, I received a post card. It was from Misbun Sidek! I was so excited. When the card arrived he was already in Gloucester, UK competing in 1981 Thomas Cup Championship. I treasured his post card ever since.
Can I bragged about it? Why not? It is not that everyday a Malaysian #1 badminton player reply to your mail. And to top it off it was written and mailed from the UK, hah? How often does it happened to you? It was such an honor to received the postcard reply. That showed how much Misbun appreciated his fans support.

But I wonder, did he bring along my mail with him while he was in England? Hmmmm....

That was the first and last time I ever wrote a fan mail...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't quiet know her species.

My second orchid plant. I am not yet an orchid expert.

Buzy, buzy, buzy Saturday....

This morning, as any other Saturdays, is the busiest day in my calendar week.

1)Send Shakiel to his soccer practice.

2)Breakfast with Shakira and then drop her off at Kumon.

3)Rush to soccer practice and moral support for Shakiel. 10 am rush back home. He has to get ready for Kumon. Last arrival by 10.20 am.
Rush, rush, rush....

4)Breakfast for Shakiel. Timing is important here...Usually I will drop off Shakiel about the right time when Shakira finishes her lesson. But lately Shakira has been taking more time completing her class work.

5)After the switched, I will steal whatever time I have before its time to pick up Shakiel from Kumon, to finish laundry or a little bit of cleaning around the house.

6)The call from Shakiel comes around 12 pm and just about the right time for lunch. We would normally have chicken rice at noon.

7)Then the kids will have their leisure time until 3 pm when they will have piano lessons.

8)By 4:30 pm – All done. I will take my shower for the day and short nap....hehehehe.....

While I was waiting for Shakiel at First Kick his soccer practice this morning, I was thinking about my dad who was an all rounder school athlete. I know I kept one piece of paper cutting of dad. Searched hi and low for it but I do not seem to locate it. It was a classic photo shot of dad executing his hop, skip and jump (later it was renamed to triple jump). If I could recalled it was during an Inter Police Sports event.

I was also made known long ago by an ex-Andersonian (it was in 1983) that at the time my dad still holds the school record for hop, skip and jump. His name was engraved on a plaque at the school hallway. Yeah, my dad entered Anderson School, Ipoh because of his athletics background. From pictures I've seen, so many of them, seems that his life then revolves around sports. Rugby, soccer, hockey, athletics, just to name a few.

However as dad's children, neither my sister and I were much of an athlete except participated in school sports. I like long jump and sprinting events. I did represent my primary school once in relay events. It was a good exposure. But they say, some things skip one generation. How true it is,....only God knows.

Dad now has 3 grandsons and a granddaughter. I do not see Shakira as the athletic who will carry on Abah's legacy? I am proud of my dad's achievements and I do hope one of his grandsons will be able to upheld Abah's sports credentials.

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